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Learning goals and Finding flow

In our learning journeys of self-discovery you learn about the destination you choose and explore yourself at the same time. The country serves as a reflection of your inner self.
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How would you describe your status quo in life? What are you lacking? *

We focus on people in life transitions and moments where they feel not to be the navigator of their own life.
Traveling socially aware and sustainably

Ideally, we leave the visited places better than they were before. We listen to the local's stories, see the country through their eyes, and support the local economy by connecting globally connected business owners with locals or simply by purchasing locally produced goods.
What are the top 5 qualities a socially aware traveler should have? *

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Tell us something about it. Something you liked, something you learned, something good you did for someone while traveling, any interesting story, or whatever you enjoyed the most.
What treasured moment that happened during any of your travel do you want to share with us? *

A treasured moment is a very precious moment you won’t forget. Please explain what you liked about it so much.
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We will now review your application and invite you soon to a video interview, so we can get to know each other, speak about expectations and answer your questions.

After the interview, within 2 weeks we'll let you know if you're accepted. If yes, you'll be able to confirm your destination and reserve a spot.
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