When are you available and ready to travel and learn with us?
We are ON BOARD (http://beonboard.org). We create learning journeys one destination at a time for groups of 10-15 people using the world as our classroom. We learn through local mentors visiting local communities and making an impact in the places we're visiting.
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We are worldwide connected and have local partners, mentors and experts in the following countries. Please choose one or more country where you want to travel. If you're missing a country, choose "Other" and let us know which one.

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If you can travel more than 8 weeks, please choose "Other" and let us know for how long.

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ON BOARD offers group traveling and shared learning. This means you can invite people you know.

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Let us know where you're from or where you're living right now so we can figure out together how to get best to the country/countries you chose above.
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